NotaryAssist is a sophisticated digital solution for notaries in the USA, developed within the .NET environment and technology stack. It significantly streamlines notarial workflow and enhances client engagement. This case study delves into the three core components of NotaryAssist: the Mobile App, the Web App, and the Backend Infrastructure, highlighting their integral roles in the system’s functionality.

Technologies Used

Web Application

Development Framework:

  • .NET Framework to .NET Core Transition: The web app, initially developed with the .NET framework, has been upgraded to .NET Core, ensuring better performance and scalability.

Integration and Synchronization:

  • Harmonized with Mobile App: Ensures consistent functionality and real-time data synchronization with the mobile application.

Mobile Application

Development Framework and Platforms:

  • From Xamarin to .NET MAUI: Initially built with Xamarin, NotaryAssist has transitioned to .NET MAUI, enhancing its cross-platform functionality.
  • Available on iOS and Android: Ensures a seamless and responsive experience across both iOS and Android platforms.

Syncfusion for UI Design: Utilizes Syncfusion’s UI toolkit to create an intuitive and attractive user interface.

Back End

Hosted on AWS:

  • Sturdy, Scalable, and Secure: Utilizing Amazon Web Services, the backend is designed for scalability, security, and reliability.
  • Comprehensive Backend Components: Includes databases, services, and functions, all optimized for optimal performance.

AI Integration:

  • Utilizing OpenAI API for Auto-Importing Appointments: AI technologies from OpenAI API are specifically employed to automate the process of importing appointments into the system.

Features and Functionality

Business Center

Discover the game-changing power of NotaryAssist’s all-new Business Center, where Professional Notaries can effortlessly track ALL their services! 


Safe Record-Keeping! Securely store your customers’ contact information, generate invoices, get directions, plus income reporting.  Clearly see how much revenue each customer brings you, each week, month, quarter or year, and how long to receive payment.


Organize your expenses.  Don’t get buried under piles of receipts!  Quickly enter expenses, create custom expense types or categories, scan receipts, set up recurring expenses, track unpaid invoices and make tax time simple!


Track your business commutes! Document your miles to notary appointments, networking events, trainings, supplies , shipping centers etc. Calculate your total miles driven so you can make tax time a breeze and keep an accurate account of profits and losses.

Notarial Acts

Maximize your Tax Benefit!  As a Notary Public, you are a Public Servant. This qualifies YOU for special Tax Exemptions! Each Notarial Act you preform has a state allowable fee. This allowable fee is Self-Employment Tax exempt. NotaryAssist helps you track your Notarial Acts and the allowable fees to gain Maximum Tax Benefits.


NotaryAssist offers a variety of professional reports to see the health of your business! Each report features a customizable date range allowing reporting by the day, week, month, quarter, or year! Income, Profit & Loss, Expense, Mileage, and Tax reports are just a few of our ever growing reporting abilities. 


Unleash the Power of Real-Time Analytics with NotaryAssist! Discover trends, cost insights, and profitability for each service – all at your fingertips. Watch your data come to life with easy-to-read graphs and leverage this valuable information to market yourself and make informed decisions that will optimize your notary business.

Auto Import

Discover the Best Time Saving Feature in the Industry – NotaryAssist’s Auto Import! This revolutionary engine lets you forward ANY confirmation email for automatic import into your NotaryAssist account. Say goodbye to manual data entry and hello to efficiency – it’s like having a virtual assistant! Since release, it has successfully imported thousands of different confirmation emails and continues to grow.


Easily enter and organize your appointment schedule.  You can push your appointment details to your smartphone calendar via Goggle Calendar or ICal, so you always know when you are available to accept work.  Need driving directions? No problem, get turn by turn navigation with a single click displayed on your mobile device.


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NotaryAssist Stats


of Appointments Entered


Years Serving the Notary Community 


of Satisfied Users


I have been using Notary Assist since 2021 and I absolutely love it! The simplicity of the software and benefits of creating my own individual experience based on my business needs is phenomenal. I am so thankful for the app that helps me on the go or when I am not at my computer to keep up on the books by scanning receipts or entering in new assignments is so easy. Time Saver and Game Changer as a Mobile Notary!

Julie Pearson

I love Notary Assist. It has made my life easier as a Notary Signing Agent. I have all of my reports in one place for my taxes and I can easily see my schedule for the day. I’m loving the new “import” function. It’s saved me so much time. Keep up the excellent work Notary Assist👏🏾…

Deborah Gaunt

I have been utilizing NotaryAssist for both my signing agent work and general notary tasks, and I must say it has significantly improved my productivity and organization. With its comprehensive tracking capabilities, NotaryAssist is the only platform that allows me to effectively monitor and manage all the services I provide.

Roger Shore

NotaryAssist stands as a model of innovation in software development for professional services. By integrating a versatile mobile app for iOS and Android, a scalable web app transitioned to .NET Core, and a secure, AWS-hosted backend, NotaryAssist provides notaries with a sophisticated suite of tools to enhance their practice.